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Game Development Tools

The following is an abridged list of tools and libraries that I regularly use for game development:



The Boost C++ Libraries have become an essential component of any serious C++ codebase, and are utilized by my QBlock game engine.



Doxygen generates highly configurable web documentation for software projects. Using Doxygen forces developers to consistently document their code, automatically creates graphical views of class hierarchies and is an invaluable software engineering tool. You can browse my QBlock API to see an example.



The GNU Image Manipulation Program is an open source cross-platform image editor that makes the greatest programmer art you've ever seen.



Linux was my OS of choice for nearly a decade before I switched to Mac OSX, which is actually based on Unix and runs almost all of my previous Linux apps. (Thanks, MacPorts!) I also administered and helped design a custom Linux distro for the Golden Tee Golf networked arcade platform.



Maya is a High-end 3D modeling software package with its own scriptable API. I apprenticed in Maya and Java3D during my MHPCC internship, and have written MEL scripts to support art asset pipelines.



The Mono project exposes the power of C# and Microsoft's .NET framework to the world, and is yet another excellent tool for cross-platform development.



OpenGL is the game industry's most widely used graphics API. I have been writing GL code since 1999 and I've implemented GL applications for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and iPhone as well as several GL-based game engines, including my own QBlock engine.



The extraordinarily cross-platform Simple DirectMedia Library sits at the core of my QBlock engine. With the support of a large suite of libraries for managing input devices, fonts, images, audio and more, SDL is an extremely low cost middleware solution for indie developers.



The Unity Engine is quickly becoming the game engine of choice for web and iPhone game developers, and if you've ever used it then you know why! It's busting at the seams with features, the IDE is infinitely customizable, and it can deploy to nearly any platform including Windows, OSX, Web, or iPhone in a single click of a button.

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